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02/11/39 · I’ve spent much of this winter touring on the ST Rotation 10 to see how it compares to its predecessor, the Radical 2.0 ST, as well as some of the other options currently on the market. Here’s what Dynafit says about the ST Rotation 10: “The ST Rotation 10 Ski Touring Binding is the evolution of the Radical ST 2.0 Binding. Lightweight clothing, shoes and equipment for Ski Touring & Trailrunning ? complete DYNAFIT range ?free shipping from ¤ 150 ? 30 days free return. The ST Radical Ski Touring Binding is a lightweight, durable, frameless binding that was conceived especially for ski touring novices. The outstanding and cost-effective value as well as the length adjustment of 12.5mm are key selling points in selecting this classic ski touring binding.

The resurrection of our first Radical ST. Now in different colors and significantly lighter than ever. Get exclusive offers and stories directly to your inbox Sign up for your own Dynafit newsletter and get articles and weekly updates about products. For Men For Women By signing up, I accept the terms & conditions. The field is mandatory. Touring bindings by DYNAFIT are suitable for all touring boots with certified inserts by DYNAFIT. Which touring bindings are the right ones for you can be found here. The resurrection of our first Radical ST. Now in different colors and significantly lighter than ever. Go to product. Speed binding with aluminium units, for a versatile. 02/01/39 · Dynafit Radical 2.0 Review Radical 2.0 Brake Removal Comparison of Radical 2 with ver 1. And the numbers Radical ST 2.0, heel unit, 110 mm brake, 416 gr – 14.7 oz Radical ST 2.0, toe unit, 230 gr – 8.1 oz steel wings Radical ST 2.0 single binding, total, 646 gr – 23 ounces. ST Rotation 10, heel unit, 110 mm brake, 416 gr – 14.7 oz. 09/05/32 · New in the tech binding pantheon, Dynafit TLT Radical ST backcountry skiing binding is marked departure from previous Dynafit models. It has an entirely different heel lift system, and small metal 'power towers' built in to the toe unit that may make binding entry easier and also perhaps help prevent inadvertent safety release. Radical FT vs Vertical FT. As noted in our Dynafit Radical vs Vertical article, the Radical / Vertical distinctions are many. The toe piece side towers on the Radicals are easier to step into and provide some impact protection, while the heel piece features Speed Step risers instead of requiring binding rotation to adjust your heel height.

11/02/38 · The real con for long-time Dynafit skiers is simply weight. As the binding’s features list grows, so does its weight. The Radical 2.0 ST weighs in at about 1.28 kg a pair, approximately 200 grams almost half a pound, 7 oz more than the Radical. The Dynafit TLT Radical ST Binding is Dynafit’s lightest binding option that includes brakes and a climbing bar. They weigh 2 lbs 5 oz for a pair or 1.17 pounds / 531 grams per binding. The Radical Binding is Dynafit's patron saint of the innovative TLT tech compatibility, and this new ST Radical Binding is the very same Radical, except the beefier heel piece amps up the Radical's rowdiness. This amplified rowdiness is ideal for backcountry skiers who eye every cliff on the way up the skin track in hopes of dropping some. The Dynafit Speed Radical is the standard by which touring bindings are measured. Evolved from the tried and true TLT Speed, the binding is designed to be safer, easier to use, and support a wider range of boots sizes and release values.

Shop the best selection of alpine touring bindings at, where you'll find premium outdoor gear and clothing and experts to guide you through selection. 06/01/39 · Note that some Dynafit models with brakes, such as Vertical/ST/FT and Radical, may require removal of brakes to facilitate mounting. Instructions for brake removal are here. That said, starting in late 2012 the Dynafit Radical FT and ST models have brakes that are NOT user removable, other later models also do not have removable brakes. The binding can absorb sideways impact forces and still return to center due to the pivoting toe. Anti-friction devices on the brake platform prevent unexpected increases in release values. Radical ST 2.0 vs Radical ST. The primary difference between the ST 2.0 and the 1.0 is the addition of a rotational mechanism under the toe piece.

While there’s a lot of information available on the Dynafit TLT Radical 2.0 ST & FT, in a nutshell, between the 3 bindings you mentioned Dynafit Radical, Dynafit Beast, Marker Kingpin, the Radical, will be your lightest FT 20 oz and is one of the most minimalist full-function, durable ski bindings systems out there. 06/06/37 · The new Radical ST 2.0 is the newest in Dynafit's long line of touring bindings. While the Radical ST 2.0 looks fairly similar to the previous Radical ST, there are several major upgrades. Most of the biggest changes revolve around making the binding safer; this is done by offering a laterally. A more elegant binding for a more civilized age. The ST Rotation is the new DIN certification-ready kid on the block, and it’s now one of the best choices for backcountry skiers who want to optimize for knee-protection. It’s a full-featured binding with brakes, multiple risers, and generous adjustability. ST Radical Binding The Radical Binding is Dynafit’s patron saint of the innovative TLT tech compatibility, and this new ST Radical Binding is the very same Radical, except the beefier heel piece amps up the Radical’s rowdiness. This amplified rowdinessRead More.

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